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By: Alex Pattenden 01st of May 2019 Unity Online Fosters a New In-House Culture to Underpin Client Experience Strategy

With an ever-increasing roster of 150 clients benefiting from the digital marketing services of Unity Online’s team of qualified experts, the Suffolk-based agency is embarking on the next chapter of its growth curve. As Unity’s full-service digital agency continues to attract well-established brands from further afield, the importance of implementing a customer experience strategy has never been more critical. In...

By: Rob James 18th of March 2019 Introducing The “My Unity Online” Client Portal

Introducing the “My Unity Online” client portal One of our many resolutions this year as an agency is to provide our ever-growing roster of clients with better support, client servicing and access to data to will help you dissect and understand your marketing campaigns better. We’re therefore proud to announce the launch of the “My Unity Online” client portal that...

By: Jade Waddy 04th of February 2019 The Rise of Mobile (Infographic)

Mobile phones have become like an extra organ for many. Did you know that 40% of UK adults look at their phone within just 5 minutes of waking up? That percentage then increases to 65% if you’re under 35. Not only have we as consumers bought into the mobile revolution, so have businesses. Facebook gets 87% of its revenue from...

By: Rob James 10th of January 2019 How Is Social Media Impacting Your ROI?

“We should post every day, at least once, at 9pm, because our Facebook page insights said so.” “We must market ourselves on Twitter, because it has 326 million active users that we could potentially reach.” Does this sound familiar? We have all heard that we should be on social media – but with 44% of CMOs struggling to quantify the...

By: Jade Waddy 10th of January 2019 How to Organically Grow Your Social Media

In 2019, it’s extremely important for businesses to harness the power of social media. It’s a free resource that allows you to gain greater exposure for your company and create a real brand identity. Did you know that almost half of the world’s population now have an account with at least one social media platform? That’s over three billion people...

By: Rob James 17th of December 2018 Persistent self-development earns November’s Team Member of the Month Prize

At Unity Online, we care passionately about helping our digital talent evolve and gain in knowledge and confidence. Self-development doesn’t only improve our in-house expertise, it enables our valued clients to benefit from industry leading digital marketing techniques that transform their bottom lines. Therefore, it was no surprise that our team gave some much-deserved recognition to PPC consultant, Max Planck...

By: Rob James 30th of November 2018 Developer Delight After October’s Richly Deserved Team Member Of The Month Award

Going the extra mile for our clients is what sets us apart at Unity Online. Our team of digital experts are committed to instilling growing businesses throughout East Anglia with the confidence to sell more online. In order to do so, our clients require profitable platforms from which to operate online. That begins with slick, responsive websites that offer bespoke...

By: Rob James 26th of November 2018 What’s the Difference Between SEO & SEM?

Within the marketing world, lots of acronyms get thrown into conversations and for someone on the outside trying to get to grips with a digital marketing world, these terms can often be overwhelming. Some of these acronyms are so similar that confusion between their meanings often reigns supreme. This article will explore one of the biggest digital marketing acronym misinterpretations....