Facebook advertising: How good is it for small businesses?

16 May 2023

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Facebook advertising provides the opportunity for global brand exposure. And that opens huge doors for small businesses looking to grow. Here, Curtis and Paige from our paid marketing team look at how small business owners can best use Facebook advertising to their advantage.

Reach your target audience

Advertising on Facebook – and other social media platforms – offers a more powerful way to reach your target audience. This is especially important for small businesses, particularly those operating in specific locations or providing more niche products and services.

Facebook allows advertisers to reach customers based on their location, age and interests, meaning your ads can be put in front of exactly the type of customer you want to reach.

You can also use its Custom Audience option to easily find and target your existing customers – or retarget users who may have visited your website or not completed their purchase.

A cost-effective alternative

A real advantage of Facebook advertising for small businesses is the flexibility it offers. Unlike more traditional advertising methods, business owners can tailor their campaigns to fit any budget.

And that flexibility is tied in with the greater audience your ads are placed in front of. Reaching such a vast number of potential customers through traditional means would simply not be possible for the same price offered by advertising on digital platforms.

Simple to measure

Advertising through Facebook puts your business in control, meaning its successes are much easier to measure than other forms.

How successful your campaign is depends on your goals – but clicks to your website and the overall cost per click can easily be measured using Facebook’s metrics. Having access to such valuable data means you can easily switch things up should things not be working out.

How can small business start advertising on Facebook?

All businesses need to create a Facebook Ads account to start advertising on the platform. But before starting anything, you need to have your goals in mind.

Those goals could be raising brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, boosting sales or encouraging engagement on the content you post.

Having a goal in mind helps measure the successes of your campaign – something that’s much simpler to do online.

Understanding your competition is also important, as is what’s trending – be that locally or nationally. Tools like the Facebook Ad Library can be great for this and give you a better idea of what your competitors are doing.

How can Unity Online help?

All of us at Unity Online are dedicated to helping small businesses unleash their potential online. And our proven track record of success through social media advertising stands testament to our expertise.

Facebook advertising can still be a minefield for many businesses. And it can be especially difficult to manage for those of a smaller size who do not benefit from an in-house marketing team. That’s where Unity can help.

Our team help get to know you and your audience. That means our carefully constructed ads don’t just look the part and have your messaging at their core – but they reach the right people too.

We also have access to leading analytical tools to measure the successes of your campaigns and identify the areas for improvement. That saves your business valuable time and ensures you never have to worry about a campaign.

Get in touch today to learn more about how Unity Online can help your business grow.

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