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By: Rachael Robertson 25th of September 2020 Q&A Employee Spotlight

This weeks Q&A Employee Spotlight is with Larissa West who joined us in February as a Web Designer. Larissa studied Graphic Design and Studio Art at University and worked as a Graphic Design Intern for an in-house marketing department. After graduating in 2017, Larissa joined a Suffolk agency as a Junior Designer, working on a range of print and digital...

By: Rachael Robertson 09th of September 2020 Q&A Employee Spotlight

2020 has been a year of growth for Unity Online, with eight new starters since February. What better way to introduce our new starters than with a Q&A session. We start this week with Matthew Readett who joined us in May as an Account Manager. Matthew has worked in account managerial roles in marketing for around 4 years, always with...

By: Rachael Robertson 26th of March 2020 How to market your business in a time of uncertainty

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, described the coronavirus pandemic as a nationwide “economic emergency” and acknowledged that businesses large and small had not “faced an economic challenge of this size in the peacetime era”. As growing numbers of businesses are forced to close their doors as part of self-isolation regimes designed to protect society’s most vulnerable from the threat...

By: Rachael Robertson 03rd of March 2020 The evolution of digital marketing in the last decade

The rapid advancements of technology and the internet in the last ten years have completely transformed the way growing businesses market their products and services online. Many of the key digital marketing tools and techniques recommended to businesses in 2009/10 are now hugely outdated, confined to the history books, in favour of newer ground-breaking methods to help brands gain exposure...

By: Alex Pattenden 26th of February 2020 Digital Marketing: What To Look Forward to in 2020

As we move into our second month of 2020, we want to look at where we are heading as an industry. So, what have we got to look forward to? What should we be looking out for? And what should we be doing? Below we’re going to look at a small handful of the more popular predictions being made. Looking...

By: Georgina Day 10th of February 2020 Harnessing digital talent is the number-one goal for Unity Online in 2020

2020 promises to be another landmark year for Unity Online. Following a successful office move to its new headquarters at Needham Market train station, the agency is now focused squarely on training and enhancing its in-house digital talent. As the company remains one of Suffolk’s fastest-growing digital agencies, retaining and empowering the best and most promising digital specialists to Unity...

By: Josh Talley 27th of January 2020 Why blogging is vital for your business’s online strategy

Today, businesses work in a rapidly moving landscape of new technology and consumer demands. It’s crucial for SME’s to maintain a strong online presence that engages and communicates with their customers. There are plenty of parts to this online presence; a bespoke, optimised website; data-driven Google Ads campaigns; and many more. However, blogging is an oft-overlooked, inexpensive way to drive...

By: Robert Moore 21st of January 2020 3 reasons why your website should be secure

If you’re anything like us and you use the internet religiously, you’ll no doubt have noticed the ‘https://’ behind the website domain you wish to visit. If you’ve always wondered what that stands for, it is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Historically, websites just used to be called HTTP (without the Secure), but the introduction of Secure Sockets Layer...