Why your business should consider Bing advertising

7 June 2023

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Advertising on search engines continues to be one of the most effective means of putting your brand’s name in front of your target audience. But while Google remains the dominant force, an effective and under-utilised rival lies in Bing.

Here, Paid Marketing Consultant Curtis looks at how Bing advertising can benefit your business.

What are the benefits of Bing advertising?

While Bing doesn’t have as large a share of the search market as Google, that doesn’t mean it can’t be an incredibly effective tool in your marketing arsenal.

Bing is the default browser on all Microsoft computers – with businesses and the older generations among the most prevalent users and the least likely to change their settings to Google.

Those users typically have a higher disposable income – and in the case of businesses, have a search intent typically much higher than others.

That makes Bing ads hugely useful for a lot of our clients, particularly those with a B2B focus.

Having a smaller overall audience can therefore be seen as an advantage rather than a drawback – with the percentage of clicks from your target audience being a lot higher. And that leads to an increase in conversion rates.

All of that typically comes at a reduced cost-per-click compared to Google.

What are the differences between Bing and Google advertising?

Both Bing and Google ads work in a very similar way. And that’s good news for businesses looking to dip their toes into the other.

Both offer keyword targeting – with Bing advertisers benefitting from smaller competition for ranking on their desired keywords.

On its own or in conjunction with an existing Google ads campaign, Bing advertising is something we promote to all our clients.

How does advertising with Unity Online work?

The Unity team has a proven track record in delivering results for our PPC clients.

We get to know you and your audience. We research your target users and the things they search – and the things you want your business to rank for.

All of that helps us create effective ads that drive traffic to your website and help achieve your goals.

Get in touch today to learn more about how a PPC campaign can benefit your business.

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