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By: Rachael Robertson 26th of March 2020 How to market your business in a time of uncertainty

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, described the coronavirus pandemic as a nationwide “economic emergency” and acknowledged that businesses large and small had not “faced an economic challenge of this size in the peacetime era”. As growing numbers of businesses are forced to close their doors as part of self-isolation regimes designed to protect society’s most vulnerable from the threat...

By: Rachael Robertson 03rd of March 2020 The evolution of digital marketing in the last decade

The rapid advancements of technology and the internet in the last ten years have completely transformed the way growing businesses market their products and services online. Many of the key digital marketing tools and techniques recommended to businesses in 2009/10 are now hugely outdated, confined to the history books, in favour of newer ground-breaking methods to help brands gain exposure...

By: Josh Talley 27th of January 2020 Why blogging is vital for your business’s online strategy

Today, businesses work in a rapidly moving landscape of new technology and consumer demands. It’s crucial for SME’s to maintain a strong online presence that engages and communicates with their customers. There are plenty of parts to this online presence; a bespoke, optimised website; data-driven Google Ads campaigns; and many more. However, blogging is an oft-overlooked, inexpensive way to drive...

By: Robert Moore 21st of January 2020 3 reasons why your website should be secure

If you’re anything like us and you use the internet religiously, you’ll no doubt have noticed the ‘https://’ behind the website domain you wish to visit. If you’ve always wondered what that stands for, it is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Historically, websites just used to be called HTTP (without the Secure), but the introduction of Secure Sockets Layer...

By: Max Planck 12th of December 2019 The Power of Social Media Retargeting

If we suggested to you that it was possible to reconnect your brand with interested and informed prospective customers that have searched on Google for products or services that you sell, you would bite our hand off, right? Read on to discover how your online brand can stay in touch with the 96% of users that didn’t take immediate action...

By: Millie Bartlett 18th of November 2019 How to get started with Email Marketing

You may have seen your fair share of emails over the years, especially designed from brands targeted to your inbox. What you may not see is the extensive planning, analysis, targeting, testing and ideas that go into creating that one campaign. Here at Unity Online, we have started to see an increase in local companies wanting to utilise this channel...

By: Robert Moore 29th of October 2019 Your Website Could be Hacked and You Don’t Even Know it

If you are a business that sells online to customers or relies on online exposure to secure regular offline custom, ensuring the security of your website should be one of your number-one priorities. Unfortunately, almost 10,000 small firms operating online are victims of cyber-attacks on a daily basis. That’s because too few business owners understand and acknowledge the dangers and...

By: Alex Pattenden 24th of September 2019 When Should I Start Planning My Christmas Online Promotions?

Did you know that November and December approximately see an 80% increase in the number of online transactions, compared to the rest of the year?  That might sound like the best time to target your customers, but there’s more to this story. Although there is an increase in transactions, there is a significant drop in average order value (AOV).  This,...