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By: Rob James 27th of June 2018 Google’s Chrome Browser To Highlight Unsecured Sites

Ensure your customers feel secure with an SSL certified website Everyone wants to feel that their data is secure when using the internet, whether they’re shopping, scrolling through a social feed, or browsing your site to find more about your services and products. Chrome currently highlights the presence of an SSL certification, which authenticates the domain and ensures that their...

By: Rob James 27th of January 2018 Asda Discovers the Importance of Cross Device Digital Advertising

Did you catch some of the most recent Asda adverts? And if so did you see them across more than one of your devices? Well that was Asda’s aim their recent campaign focused on cross-device advertising. With the emergence of more and more devices entering our home environment and the increasing use of concepts such as the second screen. Traditionally...

By: Rob James 11th of October 2017 Are My URLs Too Long?

Creating the right structure for your site is very important.  The URL can help a user to understand what to expect on the next page and decide if they want to click on the link.  Google’s Webmaster Guidelines states: “A site’s URL structure should be as simple as possible. Consider organizing your content so that URLs are constructed logically and...

By: Rob James 21st of July 2017 Google Announces Paid Local Listings

In recent years local targeting has given SME’s the opportunity to compete with national brands able to put big budgets into building a big online presence. With the release of the Pigeon algorithm in July 2014 Google improved SERPs by returning results based on the users distance from a service. Some time later, in August 2015 Google shook up local...

By: Rob James 19th of July 2017 Local Landing Pages

With Google’s ever increasing favour of localised results, the pressure to optimise your site based on locations has never been so great. Fortunately here at Unity Media Eastern we are experienced in helping local businesses get more out of their websites. In this article I’m going to be talking about the benefits of localised landing pages. As humans we are...

By: Alex Pattenden 22nd of July 2016 SEO & PPC in Unity Infographic

Check out our infographic on the importance in combining a SEO campaign with a PPC campaign in order to maximise leads and conversions to your business.