How a good company culture has helped us grow

28 February 2023

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All businesses work hard to create an office environment that inspires – and at Unity Online, we have been truly successful in building a close-knit team that delivers real results. Here, Georgina Day, our Head of Marketing Services, explains how a good company culture has been instrumental to our growth as a business.

We have been on a real journey at Unity Online. What started as a small team operation has expanded into something we can really be proud of. We are multi-award winners and our region’s largest agency for a reason – and that reason is our people.

Building the Unity community

The culture we have here at Unity is unlike no other agency. Managers don’t shape our culture, all of our staff do. And the impacts we have seen as a result are so clear to see.

Just like with our clients, we put the needs of our staff at the heart of everything we do. We have always wanted to be a business that cares for its own and who shares and embraces our successes as a unit.

And that philosophy is clear to see on our strategy days. All our staff are required to attend and have their voices heard. They provide us not just the opportunity to share our ideas, but to collaborate with colleagues across the business – regardless of their department.

Staff set their own individual OKRs (objectives and key results targets), meaning they can become their own masters and shape their direction in the business. And their training starts from day one at Unity, with everyone given the opportunity to grow.

We also utilise the Lattice people success platform in the office to ensure the gains we make on those strategy days are not lost. That includes sending out our weekly staff surveys, inviting the team to share their thoughts with the management team. We also love to highlight our Star of the Month – chosen by our employees, not their managers.

But building a good company is about so much more than just making changes in the office. We want our staff to know just how much they are valued, and that the team dynamic extends outside the office doors.

That’s why we hold so many staff socials, be they our big summer dos or our very own Unity Fest like last year. We also provide all staff with a free gym membership to help them unwind after a long day in the office.

A genuine sense of pride

A good company culture isn’t built overnight. And neither will you see any immediate benefits in terms of company growth. What you are building however is a collective pride in your business that over time will be the envy of any competitor.

Together, we have built a community. A community of digital professionals united by one goal – helping small and medium-sized businesses unleash their potential online.

Working as a team, and not individuals, will lead you to wherever it is your business wants to be. And we would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the company culture we have built.

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