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By: Rachael Robertson 26th of March 2020 How to market your business in a time of uncertainty

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, described the coronavirus pandemic as a nationwide “economic emergency” and acknowledged that businesses large and small had not “faced an economic challenge of this size in the peacetime era”. As growing numbers of businesses are forced to close their doors as part of self-isolation regimes designed to protect society’s most vulnerable from the threat...

By: Alex Pattenden 26th of February 2020 Digital Marketing: What To Look Forward to in 2020

As we move into our second month of 2020, we want to look at where we are heading as an industry. So, what have we got to look forward to? What should we be looking out for? And what should we be doing? Below we’re going to look at a small handful of the more popular predictions being made. Looking...

By: Alex Pattenden 03rd of February 2020 What Exactly is Content Marketing?

Over the years, you may have heard various phrases such as “content is king” and “Google loves content”… but what is it? Content, as a word, has many meanings. However, when it comes to online marketing, content is generally summed up as ‘additional information’ – be that written or visual. In this article we look into what content is/means, why...

By: Alex Pattenden 31st of October 2019 All You Need To Know About BERT

Google frequently updates its algorithms to ensure it’s offering the best service for its users. They usually have a name associated, such as Google Panda or Penguin.  In 2019 we get to say hello to BERT. But what does it stand for? How does this affect search results and what can you do to best optimise for it?   What...

By: Alex Pattenden 17th of September 2019 Use Your Google Business Listing to Reach Local Audiences

You know when you Google a company, and it shows you a snippet about them on the right hand side (see below)? That there is a Google My Business page.  Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are local? Better yet, local businesses with a Google Map pin appear in 93% of all local searches. Google My Business...

By: Rob James 26th of November 2018 What’s the Difference Between SEO & SEM?

Within the marketing world, lots of acronyms get thrown into conversations and for someone on the outside trying to get to grips with a digital marketing world, these terms can often be overwhelming. Some of these acronyms are so similar that confusion between their meanings often reigns supreme. This article will explore one of the biggest digital marketing acronym misinterpretations....

By: Rob James 01st of November 2018 How Important is Link Building in Local SEO

When it comes to your brand’s digital marketing and your presence online, if you have spoken to SEO companies in the past you may have heard the term “link building” or “link juice” used in conversation about your website and its organic search marketing. Back in the day, when Google was a new endeavour, companies could simply point dozens of...

By: Rob James 17th of October 2018 Why Is Google My Business Important?

How do I get my business noticed online? A great question that probably passes a lot of people’s minds when they begin a new business venture or have an established company of many years that is keen to embrace the online world. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Many businesses have different needs and requirements and cater to different target...