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Food Innovation Solutions

The Client

Who they are

Food Innovation Solutions was established in 2010 by owner, Mike Faers. Mike and his team spotted a gap in the market for an innovative company that can provide creative support to businesses operating in the food and beverage industry. From unique recipes and dishes to brand-new products, the company seeks to deliver added value to new and household restaurant brands relaunching menus or seeking to optimise their internal processes.

Proud to work with KFC, Giraffe, Ben and Jerry’s and many more

The client’s hands-on, collaborative approach has already resonated with a host of household brands in the food and beverage industry. The team has worked closely with the likes of KFC, Giraffe, Ben and Jerry’s, Tesco, helping to create, design and deliver exciting menus and recipes that stand out from the crowd.

desktop Design

The Challenge

The specification

The client approached us with a clear brief to transform their information-heavy website into a unique and intuitive platform, capable of attracting prospective new clients. As part of the website redesign, it was vital to articulate the creativity and unique approach of Mike and his team, both visually and with compelling content.

Our sole objective was to create a clean, easy-to-use website that clearly demonstrated their core service offering.

mobile Design

The Result

A fully responsive website to convey their key services

The new Food Innovation Solutions website is fully responsive, with all fonts based upon a scalable system. This ensures the brand experience is impressive and consistent across all devices and platforms.

Innovative tile-based design

The success of the client’s new tile-based website design was the foundation for many other tile-based designs for other SMEs across the eastern region. The slick, eye-catching tiles are both functional and aesthetically pleasing – a testament to the unique outlook and approach our in-house web designers took to its construction.

desktop Design

After an initial meeting we were impressed by a unique and striking website Unity had created for a PR agency, as it was vastly different to the current design trends. We decided to use Unity for the Website and also decided to have an On-site video produced along with photography of our operation to really bring the website to life. What made us really confident using Unity was the fact that they offer the homepage guarantee, this reassured us that they must be confident in their abilities. We couldn’t be happier with the end result, and would recommend the Unity team to anyone looking to market their business online

Before and After