Revelare specialises in premium finishing solutions, from grand architectural designs to bespoke home furnishing projects, delivering excellence in traditional and innovative finishes like micro cement and liquid metal.


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The Challenge

Revelare aspired to attract high-end clientele, their Peterborough showroom was a key feature they wanted to highlight online. Furthermore, they sought an efficient way to distribute free single samples and sell sample boxes and boards via their website. They wanted the site to embrace large, emotive imagery and videos to narrate their brand’s story, underscoring their bespoke, collaborative service.

Elevating Elegance: A Visual Symphony in Revelare’s Website Design

Our approach for Revelare’s website began with a sophisticated, minimalist design that echoed their high-end positioning. Recognising the importance of visuals in storytelling, we implemented expansive, engaging banners as placeholders for large project images. These banners set an evocative tone for each page, complementing the textual narrative that unfolds Revelare’s story of collaboration and bespoke services. 

Revelare’s Luxurious Website Redefining Digital Exclusivity and Emotion

The final result was a chic, image-centric website that not only communicated Revelare’s luxury brand identity but also streamlined the user journey from storytelling to sample ordering, thus laying a digital foundation for customer relationships built on exclusivity, emotion, and exemplary craftsmanship.

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