One of the original manufacturers of POS display products, Alplas continues to adapt in an ever-competitive market, which has included moving towards more UK-based manufacturing in the wake of Brexit and COVID-19.


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The Challenge

When the Unity Online digital marketing team took a first look at the Alplas website, it became clear that the site was full of errors and missing the key features needed to run a successful eCommerce business. Alplas needed a website that they could easily manage in house, which meant migrating their existing bespoke site over to WooCommerce to give them greater flexibility and control.

There were more than a thousand products and images that needed migrating to the new website, and thousands of users. Duplicate SKUs needed to be identified and removed, and there were errors throughout the database – some of which posed a security risk. The challenge ahead was complex.

Overcoming Data Complexity and Errors on the Alplas Website

The nature of the data on the Alplas website and the many errors meant that a simple migration wasn’t possible. Instead, we proceeded with a step-by-step migration of each individual category, product, and image to rectify any errors within the database.

Seamless Product Migration and Empowering Alplas for the Future: Comprehensive Quality Assurance and WooCommerce Training

All products were successfully migrated to the new website, with three rounds of vigorous quality assurance ensuring the client was left with a fully working website for the first time. To get Alplas set for the future, we also trained their team to effectively use and manage the website using the new WooCommerce platform.

With an error-free, user-friendly website in place, we can now provide digital marketing support to help Alplas continue to grow their business online.

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