Email Copywriting Tips That Convert

24 February 2021

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Improving your email copy is one of the most effective ways to achieve better results from an email marketing campaign. Here are our tips to help you write engaging, effective copy for your next marketing email.

Focus on one audience

Successful emails are emails which feel personal, not generic. Instead of trying to write copy that appeals to every possible customer, focus on one audience and address your copy to them. Think about what would appeal to your reader and which language and imagery they will engage with.

If there are multiple types of customer you want to communicate with, use segmentation to send emails which contain relevant copy tailored to each group of subscribers.

Have a single goal

Understanding the main goal of your email will help you write copy which points readers in the right direction. It should be obvious what the next step is after reading your email, whether that’s clicking through to a landing page, using a discount code or exploring your brand’s latest piece of content.

When writing your email copy, focus on the conversion that you want to achieve and ensure that your call to action is clear.

Keep it simple, short and sweet

Less is more when it comes to writing your email copy. Your message should be concise and easy to digest – and quick to skim read for busy customers with overflowing inboxes. Swap jargon for simple, easy to understand language and replace technical detail with real-life benefits that your readers will relate to.

Keeping things simple includes writing a concise, engaging subject line which instantly makes your call to action clear. Take a look at our tips for writing better subject lines ( to improve how you introduce your emails.

A/B test for insight

A/B testing will allow you to test and compare two versions of copy for one email marketing campaign. You can then use the results to refine how you write email copy in future. This is a simple way to understand which language, tone and structure work appeal to your audience and which kind of copy they respond best to.

Find a proofreader

Finally, make sure the copy you’ve crafted is free from errors by asking someone else to read your email text before you hit send. Spelling mistakes and clunky grammar can make your brand appear less than professional, so it’s always worth getting a second pair of eyes to glance over your words.

For a helping hand with your email copy, or support with any other aspect of email marketing, get in touch with the experts at Unity Online.

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