Christopher Seaman appointed to oversee UX operations at Unity Online

27 August 2019

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Unity Online’s long-serving employee, Christopher Seaman has been promoted to Lead UX Architect, with a remit to make better informed design decisions for the digital agency’s growing roster of clients.

Christopher, who has been a key figure in Unity Online’s design and development team since March 2015, is now the agency’s champion of user experience (UX) which is fast becoming a key driver of success for online businesses.

As online brands increasingly recognise the importance of designing and launching websites that make lives easier for target customers, data-driven decisions are fast informing and optimising the way websites should work for users. Thereby improving conversion rates and overall profitability for brands.

As the concept of UX inches ever closer towards decision-makers within businesses, Unity Online has sought to build a department that’s dedicated to understanding more about a brand’s customer base, such as their pressure points and reasons to need a brand’s products or services.

“From a consumer point of view, good UX has gone from being a novelty to an expectation. Users are becoming more demanding of online brands, requesting memorable digital experiences that relate to consumers on a deeper level,” said Christopher.

“At Unity Online, we’re now in the process of developing analytical tools, designed to help us to better understand their customers and build profitable personas. “

“Using raw data, we will have a better idea of what designs and functionality will work best for target customers; helping us to delight our clients and their customers in equal measure.”

As part of the agency’s new-look web design process, which will be maintained within the new UX team, Christopher and his colleagues are also working on developing a continuous improvement cycle, working in close quarters with clients to refine design concepts collaboratively, underpinned by customer analytics.

According to Unity Online’s founder, Alex Pattenden, the new UX team will also be nurturing working processes between the development and digital marketing teams, fusing proven designs, customer data and search metrics to create the best experiences for clients’ customers.

“As part of the agency’s new customer experience-led culture, which flows throughout all departments, we’re determined to work collaboratively to transform user experiences that give customers the best experience of our clients on devices that users wish to use at any particular point in their buying journey.”

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