Unity Online Fosters a New In-House Culture to Underpin Client Experience Strategy

1 May 2019

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With an ever-increasing roster of 150 clients benefiting from the digital marketing services of Unity Online’s team of qualified experts, the Suffolk-based agency is embarking on the next chapter of its growth curve.

As Unity’s full-service digital agency continues to attract well-established brands from further afield, the importance of implementing a customer experience strategy has never been more critical.

In order to reduce client churn and provide long-term value to brands, Unity is fostering an transformational in-house culture, with the concept of customer experience running throughout the heart of the business – not just a single department.


Customer Experience is The New Brand

Today, everything a business does – from its marketing and research to its advertising and its day-to-day output – plays a role in shaping the customer experience of a brand.

Customer experience is about so much more than having a conventional client services team to call upon. It’s about unifying interactions and data to create consistent company-wide processes that deliver consistency for clients and make them feel valued.

That’s why, in an ever-competitive digital marketing industry, Unity is investing heavily in adopting a customer experience-led approach, with a shape-shifting ideology that puts clients at the forefront of everything it does to dramatically improve client retention.

The agency is subsequently hiring a string of digital experts boasting decades of combined expertise in delivering friction-less, personalised client experiences.

Georgina Day has been appointed as Unity’s Head of Client Experience, with a clear remit of reviewing the agency’s internal operations and, in turn, fostering a client experience mindset throughout the agency.

Georgina, who has more than a decade of experience in client services, insists that no one individual or department can own a brand’s client experience strategy; everyone must be involved in the process.


“Managing and retaining key client accounts is fundamental to the growth of Unity Online,” said Georgina.


“Client experience is about being consistent and ensuring that, despite having a company of fast-growing multiple teams, individuals know how their work impacts clients and are equally empowered to help solve company-wide issues that turn one-off clients into long-term partners and advocates of everything we do.

“I am so excited about the potential of Unity Online’s client experience culture. It will take time to get to where we want to be, but the end goal is for client experience to become a permanent state of mind.”

The recent launch of the My Unity Online client portal marked the first phase of Unity’s client experience journey. When clients need help, they just wanted their questions answered and problems solved. They don’t care which department they talk to.

My Unity Online is a platform – developed in-house – that brings client interactions and data under one roof. It’s designed to maintain clear lines of communication and clear, concise overviews of clients’ marketing campaigns, making it easier for marketing managers to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and report internally.

Unity’s new Marketing Coordinator, Rachael Robertson is also working closely with Georgina to better communicate client successes internally and externally. Furthermore, the agency has appointed Marketing Strategist Aruna Jagroep with over 20 years of digital experience, working solely with clients that have been on Unity’s roster for six months or more to ensure their brands never stand still online.


Alex Pattenden, Founder of Unity Online, believes client experience should be the cornerstone of any digital agency.


“Ultimately, clients still want the same things they have always wanted – to be taken care of,” said Alex.

“Technology has meant that some clients demand quicker resolutions to issues and we’re working hard to implement the tools and processes to make that happen, maintaining client confidence and exceeding expectations.”

Businesses keen to understand how Unity Online’s digital experts can grow their business online with data-driven digital marketing campaigns should arrange a free initial consultation to start taking a different digital path.

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