Why Content Marketing is Important

15 November 2022

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Many businesses invest in content marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy, recognising it as an effective way to build a brand, improve conversions, and generate leads. Creating consistent, high quality content can have a big impact on the growth of a business, so let’s explore in more detail why content marketing is important.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of material online for a targeted audience, which can include blogs, social media posts, videos, infographics, PR, and podcasts. Although often not explicitly promotional, this content is produced by brands to raise awareness of their products and services, and ultimately increase sales and enquiries.

How Content Marketing Generates More Business

Content marketing is an effective way to generate leads, as potential customers who engage with your content are more likely to make a purchase in future. By providing free, useful, and relevant content that helps people make an informed decision, brands can build better relationships with their customers, which can in turn generate more sales.

Your content can also contain calls to action (CTAs) to direct the audience to a specific landing page on your website, generating more leads.

Creating engaging content is also a great way to improve customer retention, as it can help capture your audience’s attention and deliver a positive brand experience that encourages people to come back for more.

How Content Marketing Builds Customer Relationships

Creating useful, relevant content that is beneficial to your audience can help build better relationships with your customers. By using content to answer common questions, educate people, and share your expertise, you can establish your business as an authority in your industry and develop trust in your brand.

Establishing your brand as a credible and reliable source of information will also benefit your website’s search engine rankings, as Google will recognise the expertise and authority of your brand.

How Content Marketing Offers Long-Term Value

Helpful, informative content that has long-term value and relevance – known as evergreen content – has the potential to perform well in the search results for longer, delivering traffic to your website over a prolonged period. Unlike seasonal or news-related content, this content remains relevant and useful indefinitely, making it a cost-effective investment for your business.

How Content Marketing Improves SEO

Effective content marketing for business is an important part of any SEO strategy. Content marketing can improve SEO in several ways:

  • More keyword opportunities. Written content provides a great way to target relevant keywords while providing useful and relevant information to the reader. Content marketing is also an effective method of targeting less competitive long-tail keywords that are easier to rank for.
  • Long-form content ranks better. Detailed content that offers an in-depth answer to a query (not stuffed with unnecessary words) is more likely to perform well in the search results.
  • Good content can improve bounce rate. Engaging content will keep users on the page for longer, reducing bounce rate and telling Google that your website is offering what its audience are looking for.
  • Quality content earns quality links. Creating valuable content that people want to share will help generate additional backlinks to your website – another important ranking factor.

How Content Marketing Supports Your Social Channels

The blogs, videos, and other assets you create as part of your content marketing strategy also provide you with content for social media channels which can help grow your audience online and drive traffic back to your website. Including social media content in your content strategy will ensure that your messaging and branding are consistent across all platforms.

Kick-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy

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