Why an integrated digital marketing strategy matters

24 November 2020

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There are many digital channels you can use to promote your business. From your website and social media pages, to paid advertising and email marketing, each channel can contribute to the success of your brand online. But how do you ensure that all of your marketing tactics are working in tandem to communicate your brand message? The solution is an integrated digital marketing strategy.

What is an integrated marketing strategy?

An integrated marketing strategy is a strategy that combines all of your marketing tactics across all channels. Instead of planning for each channel individually, an integrated strategy looks at the whole picture. It allows you to deliver a consistent brand experience across every platform. So you can communicate with consumers in a cohesive way, wherever they interact with your brand.

The benefits of integrated digital marketing

Build brand awareness

An integrated approach to digital marketing will improve your brand’s online visibility. In turn this will improve brand awareness and help you reach a wider audience. The more frequently consumers encounter your brand online, the more recognisable you will become. And if your brand message is consistent across every touchpoint, that message will be strengthened and reinforced.

Grow authenticity & authority

Internet-savvy consumers know when they are being marketed to, and can be suspicious of advertising. An integrated, multi-channel strategy can make your marketing less like a sales pitch and more like a conversation between your brand and the consumer. Consistent communication across all channels will help you build trust in your brand, growing its authority and making its message more authentic.

Be seen everywhere

In a multi-channel marketplace where consumers are using multiple devices, it’s more important than ever to make your brand visible everywhere. A potential customer might seek recommendations from social media, search Google, compare online reviews and explore branded content before making a purchase or enquiry. Integrated marketing can help your brand appear consistently and frequently during this process.

Increase brand loyalty

Being visible in more places will also help maintain relationships with existing customers and keep your brand on their radar. In turn, this can boost brand loyalty as customers are encouraged to return to your company by your consistent marketing messages.

Improve your return on investment

Marketing across multiple channels can be more cost-effective than you might think. Creating an integrated strategy will allow you to share and repurpose assets across channels, saving you time and money. For example, graphics that are created for a social media campaign can also be used in your marketing emails or on a website landing page. As well as reducing your marketing costs, this will also create that all-important consistency, with your brand message instantly recognisable on every channel.

An integrated digital marketing strategy can also improve your return on investment by making your brand more visible and building consumer trust, which can result in an increase in conversions. So investing in multiple channels may cost more initially, but could deliver more profitable results for your business.

Unity Online can develop an integrated digital marketing strategy, tailored to your brand and its goals. To learn more about how we can support your business to succeed online, get in touch with our expert team.

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