Unity doubles down on client support with new Head of Client Success

15 November 2022

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Unity is a company named for the way in which we work: a unified approach to digital marketing, as well as an inclusive, collaborative working relationship with clients to yield the best return on investment. It is an approach that has led to strong and steady growth since we began in 2014, and in particular since the Pandemic, through which we helped many businesses to thrive. 

When companies grow, these founding principles can often get lost; we don’t believe that’s an option. As we have developed, that client focus has become even more important. Therefore, under the leadership of Head of Marketing Services, Georgina Day, we have systematically focused on the formation of a powerhouse team that places the client’s interests and objectives at the forefront of everything we do.   

Further enshrining that focus, not just in principle but in structure as well, has been the promotion of Lydia Whitney to Head of Client Success this year.

Leadership that safeguards clients’ interests

Georgina says: “As a company we have grown quite quickly, but our approach to team development over the last five years has been highly intentional. We’ve been building a team that’s made to last, and one that can deliver meaningful, tangible results for clients – in numbers and experience. Perhaps most importantly however, is that much of that process has been about listening to clients and understanding what they value the most. Of course, it’s wonderful hearing about our awards for best-in-class services, but when it comes down to the everyday work, they want to know that we are on their side and that the people in our team always have that at the forefront of their minds. That’s what the development of our team has been focused on, and Lydia’s new role takes that emphasis a step further.”

Lydia’s role is entirely focused on a holistic approach to the client experience. She is the ultimate client advocate, ensuring each team within Unity is working towards their objectives. Spotted by Georgina for her unique skill set, at a time when she felt there needed to be an additional layer of client assurance to safeguard the experience we want to offer, Lydia joins the team with very specific objectives in mind. 

Uniquely qualified to improve client experience

After her degree in Communication and Media Studies at Coventry University, where she focused on consumer psychology, Lydia went on to work as a Social Media Executive in a sports media company before matriculating to a Marketing Executive role in smart home technology. She worked for a number of years as a Digital Marketing Manager at different organisations, managing her own team, promoting the businesses, winning leads and introducing new CRM platforms to improve client management processes. Before joining Unity, her role had developed to oversee the whole client experience, mapping out company pathways to achieve their objectives and introducing processes to improve efficiency, time scales, and prevent anything from being lost communication. 

On joining Unity, Lydia says: “I wanted to come to Unity because it’s clear that it’s a growing agency, and the structure of the company focuses on the client objective, not just churning through the work: people are assigned to particular clients and the process of working is holistic – it’s nice to see happen. It’s also wonderful to be part of a strong group of technical female leaders within the team – it’s an empowering place to be, where I feel like I can make a difference.”

The future of Unity and driving client success

Having already hit the ground running, Lydia spoke of her own goals and objectives working at Unity, saying: “My focus is on working with the team to ensure there are processes are in place to make sure clients are getting what they need – it’s about putting the ‘safety nets’ in place so things aren’t missed due to human error or lost communication, and making sure we’re always focused on our purpose. It’s not about going through the motions, it’s about creating a structure that keeps clients’ objectives in mind, making sure we’re thinking about each action we take and if it’s not strategically aligned to the client objective, then questioning it.”

Georgina said: “Lydia’s role in client success management means she really gets under the skin of what a client needs and makes sure they get it. They need a marketing warrior and she’s armed to the hilt with her ability to deliver that. She is throwing her weight behind the different teams in the business to make sure everything is done correctly and really championing the client position to keep everyone at the top of their game each day.”

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