The power of using branded keywords on Google Ads

9 February 2021

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Search terms that include your brand or business name are known as branded or brand keywords. For example, if your brand was a well-known British department store, some of your branded search terms might include;

  • “John Lewis bedding”
  • “John Lewis reviews”
  • “Customer login John Lewis”
  • “John Lewis sale”

But what role do branded keywords have to play in paid advertising and why should you consider bidding on them as part of your Google Ads strategy?

Control your message

Unlike organic search results for branded keywords, you can control exactly which copy your Google Ad includes. While page titles and meta descriptions can be defined by Google in the organic results, when creating a Google Ad you can craft a message that appeals to your customer and aligns with your brand.

Point traffic in the right direction

Paid ads enable you to direct people to the most relevant area of your website for their query. A well-optimised landing page can achieve the same in the organic results, but bidding on branded keywords and linking them to dedicated landing pages is a quick-win for pointing traffic in the right direction.

Dominate the search results

It may seem counterintuitive to pay to appear for branded keywords when your website already ranks organically for these terms. However, by targeting branded keywords with Google Ads you can ensure that your website also appears above the organic listings in prime position at the top of the page. Appearing in both the paid and organic listings will increase your brand’s visibility and help customers find your website faster.

Reach high quality leads

People using your brand name to search are likely to be further along in the buying cycle than those searching using more generic keywords. For example, a search for “John Lewis curtains” instead of “curtains” implies a preference for curtains from a specific brand, or a desire to explore this brand’s products over others. These are potential customers who are already aware of your brand and are directly seeking your website – high quality leads which will result in more conversions.

Protect your brand from the competition

Savvy competitors may try to leverage your online popularity or reputation by bidding on your branded search terms. This means that potential customers searching for your brand may be enticed into clicking on a competitor’s ad instead. Protect your brand by bidding on branded keywords before others can and ensure that the only business benefiting from this brand recognition is your own.

Spend wisely

Branded search terms tend to have a relatively low cost-per-click (CPC), making bidding on them an affordable way to bolster your brand’s visibility in the search results. And because the people clicking on ads from branded queries are further along in the buying cycle and closer to a conversion, you’re likely to see a good return on investment.

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