The Benefits of Paid Marketing

21 September 2022

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Looking for a way to reach new customers which can work alongside an SEO campaign? Explore the benefits of paid marketing to see how it could offer a quick and effective way to boost your business online.

The Benefits of Paid Marketing

Paid marketing allows you to purchase advertising on Google Ads or social media platforms to create brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. In turn, this can increase leads and generate sales. Paid marketing is often called pay-per-click (PPC), because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

The benefits of paid marketing include;

  • Reach more people.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Fast.
  • Targeted.
  • Greater control.
  • Multiple channels.
  • Retargeting and retention.

Reach More People

Organic social media posts can have limited reach, which is why so many brands invest in paid social media and promoted content. Instead of content getting lost in the endless feed of posts, paid advertising ensures that it will be seen by a specific audience who are interested in products or services like yours, including people who don’t follow your brand.

Similarly, Google Ads allows your website to be seen by a targeted audience who are more likely to engage with your brand. Your website will appear in a prominent position in the search results when potential customers use your keywords or search terms, which will lead to an increase in visits to your website.


Paid marketing allows you to set daily and total budgets for each campaign, ensuring that you never spend more than you have budgeted for. It is also easy to keep track of what you have spent and increase your budget as your business grows.


Organic marketing like SEO takes time to deliver results, so if your website isn’t appearing on the first page of Google yet, paid advertising can provide a quick shortcut. By placing ads for your chosen keywords and search terms, you can attract high quality traffic to your website while your organic marketing campaign steadily builds. This is particularly useful when you have a new business or new website and don’t want to wait for it to rank organically.


Paid marketing allows you to be specific about the people who see your ads. You can target relevant customers who are likely to be interested in your brand, those who match the demographics of your sales personas, and people who live in a specific location.

By analysing your audience across other digital platforms, you can use this information to refine who you target with paid marketing campaigns, attracting better quality leads and customers.

Greater Control

Paid advertising platforms give you access to a range of metrics like cost-per-click, bounce rate, impressions, and conversions. Armed with this data, you can adjust, remove, or replace ads instantly. This is useful when running an offer for a limited time, for example.

You can also run different versions of an ad simultaneously to A/B test what works best and refine your messaging. All of this data will help you to understand your audience and their interests better.

Multiple Channels

In addition to Google Ads, which allows you to place paid ads on the search results pages, every mainstream social media platform has its own paid advertising service to help you grow your brand across multiple channels. While not every channel will be relevant for your business, this allows you to pick and choose the spaces where your potential customers are found, and use targeted advertising to get your content seen.

Retargeting and Retention

If someone clicks on your ad, visits your website, and then leaves without converting, you can run a retargeting campaign to engage with prospects who have shown an interest in your product or service. This works by showing relevant ads for your business when these potential customers visit other pages or websites

While these prospects would usually be lost, retargeting allows your brand to remain visible while they are browsing online, which should in turn increase your return on investment as customers come back to your website to complete a sale or enquiry.

Learn More About Paid Marketing

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