Social media management platforms: Does my business need one?

20 June 2023

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With the wide range of social media platforms creating incredible opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes, management tools can be a real helping hand.

But does every business need access to a social media management platform? Here, Social and Email Marketing Manager Kate Jaggers looks at their benefits.

What are social media management platforms?

Social media management tools are all about making posting and monitoring content easier for businesses.

They are especially useful today given the wide range of different platforms businesses use – with many wanting different posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram every day.

Needing to post fresh content every day can be a tricky task, especially when your business is busy.

Taking away much of those pressures with a one-stop shop management platform means you can focus on what you do best. So it is no surprise tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and HubSpot are turned to by many as a solution.

What makes for a good social media management platform?

These tools are designed to make your working life easier and help your business achieve its goals.

A good social media management tool is one that doesn’t just help you schedule content. It should help you create content, plan strategies and measure their success through analytics.

Many of the big name platforms offer basic free services, although the better and more in-depth tools can become very expensive.

They can also take a lot of training to understand – especially when measuring analytics and cutting through the jargon.

It’s also important to remember that regardless of what platform you use, you’ll still need to come up with the content you want to post.

Sounds complicated?

We understand that social media management platforms aren’t a simple solution for everyone. We know it can be hard for businesses to find the time to prioritise their social media and sometimes simply do not have the resources to keep on top of things.

That’s especially true for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

And that’s where Unity come in. A social media retainer with us doesn’t just take away the stresses of scheduling regular content – it gives your business access to invaluable expertise.

Our team get to know your brand and your target audience, building strategies and campaigns that deliver real results. We also build relationships with influencers who can help your brand awareness skyrocket.

Our designers also create bespoke, eye-catching content that drives leads and sales across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We’ll also keep you up to date with our regular in-depth reports that detail the growth of your brand’s social following and overall ROI. Our continuous social listening ensures we can track every mention of your brand on social media in real-time.

Get in touch today to learn more about how a social media retainer with us can help unleash your potential online.

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