Soaring for a Cause: Unity Online’s Charity Skydive to Support Suffolk Mind

23 August 2023

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In a heart-pounding display of courage, a team of seven individuals is gearing up to take a leap of faith – quite literally – for a cause that’s close to their hearts. On the 30th of September, these brave souls will be participating in a charity skydive to raise funds for Suffolk Mind, a remarkable organisation dedicated to transforming how mental health is perceived and addressed in Suffolk.

A Sky-High Commitment to Mental Health: Suffolk Mind and Unity Online’s Partnership

Account Manager Sophie McLaren explains


“Suffolk Mind is Unity Online’s charity of the year. Throughout 2023, we’ve rallied together for various fundraising activities, from indulging in pancake feasts to tantalizing bake sales. But now, we’re gearing up for our most exhilarating and impactful endeavour yet – a charity skydive” 


The dedication of this team is palpable. Suffolk Mind has a noble vision: to create an environment where mental health is a topic of open conversation, devoid of stigma or misunderstanding. Their mission aligns perfectly with Unity Online’s ethos, making this collaboration a natural fit. Mental health is a universal concern, touching every individual regardless of age, gender, or background. And just like physical health, our mental well-being deserves attention, care, and support.

Empowering Conversations: Shattering the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

The metaphor of the ‘Mental Health Continuum’ resonates deeply with Suffolk Mind’s philosophy. Every one of us exists on this continuum, moving up and down based on our ability to navigate life’s challenges and the associated stresses. From the moments of optimal well-being to the struggles of ‘severe and enduring’ mental health issues, Suffolk Mind provides a comprehensive support system that covers the entire spectrum. Their services are designed not just for those experiencing acute mental health concerns, but for everyone who seeks better understanding and tools to manage their mental well-being.

Countdown to the Big Leap: How You Can Support the Cause

As the skydiving date approaches, the Unity Online team encourages everyone to contribute in whatever way they can. “If anyone could donate, even the smallest amount would be greatly received. Every contribution counts and goes directly towards supporting the incredible work Suffolk Mind does,” Sophie urges. The skydive isn’t just about adrenaline and breathtaking views; it’s about making a real, positive impact on the lives of individuals dealing with mental health challenges.

By taking on this awe-inspiring challenge, the Unity Online team isn’t just defying gravity; they’re also defying the stigma that often surrounds discussions about mental health. Their willingness to step out of their comfort zones and into the sky demonstrates the power of unity and shared purpose. Together, they’re not just raising funds; they’re raising awareness, sparking conversations, and inspiring others to step up and make a difference.

So mark your calendars for September 30th and join Unity Online in supporting Suffolk Mind’s mission.

To donate, please visit Suffolk Mind Skydive 2023 – Suffolk Mind

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