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7 September 2023

Instagram stories are a great, engaging way to interact with your audience – but are they the right fit for businesses? And what should they look to post?

Here, Kate Jaggers, Unity Online’s Head of Social and Email Marketing, shares her top tips for businesses looking to add stories to their social media strategy.

What is an Instagram story?

Instagram stories have really taken over in recent years – allowing users to post content that vanishes after 24 hours.

These posts could be photos or videos, or even a quiz or Q&A series – offering more dynamic ways to increase engagement between you and your audience.

They are also a great way of sharing user generated content (UGC), such as photos of people using your product or have checked in to your venue.

A whopping 500 million people create or watch Instagram stories on their mobile devices every single day, so it is definitely an area that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Are stories suitable for businesses?

The short answer to whether businesses can use stories is an overwhelming yes. But that doesn’t mean they are suitable for everybody.

The main thing to remember is that what you post should always be of interest to your audience. Jumping on the trending bandwagon can be fun, but if it doesn’t resonate with your customers then it really is a waste of your time.

Meaningful content is key.

Don’t let that stop you from being creative, though. The odd Q&A or quiz can be a great way to boost engagement, as can be something as simple as a short behind the scenes video.

Just make sure to retain your tone of voice. Style is important and you shouldn’t lose sight of who you are as a business.

Should you still post on your grid?

You should never solely rely on stories as part of your social media strategy. While they are an important and often fun way of increasing engagement, you shouldn’t overlook your grid.

The main thing to remember is that what might be suitable for your story isn’t always a good fit for your grid.

Your audience wants to see more about you as a brand and what you offer – not just shared pieces of UGC or memes.


I get it, social media can be a bit of a minefield. And learning how to master it takes time away from your other work duties.

That’s why the team at Unity Online are here to help. Our award-winning team understand the science behind social media and the best methods to use to achieve your company goals.

Get in touch today to learn how working with us can help unleash your potential online.

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