Digital marketing trends for 2022

28 February 2022

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To help you maximise growth and make the most of online business opportunities this year, here are five of the key digital marketing trends worth paying attention to in 2022.

Privacy meets personalisation

A survey by Ipsos shows that 73% of internet users are concerned about how their information is collected and used when they are online. Data is key to crafting meaningful, relevant advertising, but it’s important to be transparent with customers about how their data will be used.

Balancing privacy and personalisation will allow you to create engaging campaigns that enjoy a high rate of engagement, while also giving consumers the peace of mind that their data is in safe hands. Ensure that the opt-in process for data tracking is clear and simple so users feel in control of their personal information, which will in turn build trust in your brand.

Authenticity matters

To stand out in an increasingly crowded online marketplace, it’s important to clearly communicate your brand values. The content and experiences you create should reflect both the purpose of your brand and the needs of your customers, in an authentic and consistent way.

It should be clear what your brand stands for and this message should be communicated in every campaign you produce. This will allow you to connect more meaningfully with customers and differentiate your business from the crowd.

Micro-influencer marketing

For many larger brands, influencer marketing is already a well-established element of their strategy, but as a smaller business you might think working with influencers is beyond your budget. Think again. Micro-influencers have a smaller audience of tens of thousands of followers rather than millions, yet their posts often enjoy a higher level of engagement.

With an engaged audience who are interested in their content, these influencers can play a big role in boosting brand awareness and connecting with new customers. And because these micro-social media promoters are considered “ordinary” people rather than untouchable celebrities, their followers are more likely to trust their recommendations. They are often more budget-friendly to work with, too.

Shoppable content

Last year saw global ecommerce sales growing by almost 30% and a rise in shoppable content – allowing people to buy directly from social media posts, articles, videos, or photography. Google recommends following the ABCD framework when creating shoppable content:

  • Attention: Hook and sustain people with an immersive story
  • Branding: Brand early, often, and richly
  • Connection: Help people think and feel something
  • Direction: Ask them to take action

Creating content that tells a great story, reflects your brand identity, and offers a direct buying opportunity could result in those all-important sales by simplifying the process of making a purchase. Shoppable content is also another great way to work with influencers by showcasing stories about real people who have used and loved your product.

Everyday sustainability

Research shows that 55% of people in the UK say it’s become more important for brands to behave sustainably since the pandemic, and 62% of shoppers cared about at least one aspect of sustainability when buying online in 2020.

From the impact of packaging to how companies take care of their people, environmental and ethical issues have risen in significance for consumers. It’s time to be transparent about the efforts your brand is making to improve its sustainability, which will in turn help customers feel that they are making better choices.

Nearly three-quarters of people say that having a brand’s values reflect their own is a deciding factor in what they buy, so combining authenticity with sustainability could make a significant difference to your success this year.

For more insight into what the next 12 months could hold for digital marketing, or to chat about making 2022 a great year for your brand, contact Unity Online.

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