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Let us build your brand on Twitter. We maintain active Twitter accounts for businesses with the ideal blend of marketing messages and related content to drive sales and brand advocacy.

Why use Twitter?

If your small business is not yet using Twitter for social media marketing purposes, it’s likely that you’re missing out on potential customers. Today, Twitter is one of the most effective channels to build an online audience of followers that are most engaged with your industry. It’s a cost-effective networking opportunity for businesses to get involved in and kick-start conversations among industry influencers and consumers you would never the get the opportunity to speak to otherwise.

At Unity Online, we help businesses build social audiences by creating interesting and relevant content and curating the exceptional content of others. Once our clients have active followings on Twitter, it’s then possible to target this audience with a creative blend of marketing messages about new products and services. Direct links to our clients’ websites on Twitter not only drive traffic from social media, it can also improve visibility in the major search engines with a positive correlation between active social accounts and search engine reach.

Fostering long-term social communities for emerging brands

Our proven Twitter marketing strategies are designed to drive ROI at both ends of the buying cycle. We work to pinpoint and create content that speaks directly to the needs, challenges and desires of your target audience. Sharing and promoting content that adds value to prospective buyers not only enhances brand reputation, it can drive direct sales for your business too. Maintaining active and profitable Twitter accounts for small businesses takes time and dedication. Our in-house social gurus have their fingers firmly on the pulse of Twitter trends, to help our clients make the most of this micro-blogging platform.

Once our clients’ Twitter accounts are active and follower levels have grown organically, we help businesses to utilise Twitter as an additional customer service channel. Through timely responses and social engagement, we portray small businesses as proactive online, resolving consumer complaints and answering product questions with the utmost professionalism. It’s all geared towards ensuring the best possible brand experiences for every Twitter follower.

Twitter Advertising also allows us to optimise ads for products and services that appear in hyper-relevant Twitter feeds, converting users into leads and new customers.

Unity’s social media strategists have worked with many growing businesses across East Anglia and beyond to enhance their brands on Twitter. Could yours be next? Call us today on 01473 350485 to arrange a free initial consultation with our team.

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