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Generate highly-targeted B2B leads for your small business with a LinkedIn campaign focused on thought leadership. Be a part of industry conversations and network with decision-makers.

Why use LinkedIn?

Traditionally, LinkedIn has been used as a tool for professionals to network and find new jobs, but more businesses are recognising its benefits as a B2B social marketing platform. Although some businesses get it wrong by overdoing their marketing messages on LinkedIn, the key to success on LinkedIn is to discuss and find solutions to the pressure points of businesses and their decision-makers. It’s a sure-fire way to generate sustainable B2B leads, without over-egging your sales patter.

LinkedIn is now the most cost-effective social channel for businesses to network. We help small businesses to discover buyers on LinkedIn and reach out to them by contributing to thought leadership discussions and publishing educational content on LinkedIn Pulse. By demonstrating your brand’s desire to solve problems for others, it’s possible to foster new long-term business relationships.

Demonstrate your passion for your industry to those who care

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn has evolved into a legitimate social content platform in recent years. It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses in niche sectors to identify and discuss pressing topics in their industry, generating conversation and interest from prospective buyers. However, most busy businesses don’t have the resources to dedicate to LinkedIn networking. That’s where we come in. At Unity Online, our in-house social experts can collaborate with you to create short and long-form content to be shared to decision-makers throughout your industry.

We can do the groundwork to discover business demographics and existing LinkedIn groups and communities to target with thought leadership content that enhances the integrity of your brand. LinkedIn’s personalisation is also useful for event marketing purposes. Whenever our clients host seminars, conferences or webinars, LinkedIn helps us to get the right people to their events using personalised Sponsored InMail’s that increase click-through rates and drive conversions.

Unity’s social media strategists have worked with many growing B2B brands across East Anglia and beyond to build profitable connections on LinkedIn. Could yours be next? Call us today on 01473 350485 to arrange a free initial consultation with our team.

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