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Instagram Marketing & Advertising

Image-centric Instagram campaigns that help to elevate businesses on social media and build consistent brand experiences for new customers online.

Why use Instagram?

With over 500 million active monthly visitors on Instagram and daily engagement on Instagram posts reaching 4.2 billion, it’s safe to say that this social channel has a lot of potential – even for small businesses. There are influencers active from a range of industries on Instagram. At Unity Online, we seek to tap into these influencers for our clients, helping them to gain exposure to established audiences that will care about their products or services.

Instagram is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching out to prospects on social media. Our in-house social gurus can help your business to master the use of hashtags, imagery and video content to deliver consistent and genuine brand messaging that increases traffic to your website and eventually turns more traffic into profitable leads. The good news is that Instagram users are much more engaged than even Facebook users. This makes it easier to leverage this newfound audience, providing your business displays the right levels of authenticity in your messaging.

A new powerful sales channel for businesses to showcase their products

Instagram marketing campaigns all start with the development of a customised strategy, aligned with your firm’s top-line marketing objectives. Whether you’re looking to drive your first ever sale through social or increase existing social leads by a specified amount, our strategies are geared towards making your business more impactful on Instagram. Most growing businesses don’t have the time to dedicate to building their Instagram presence. That’s where we come in. We can watch your competitors like a hawk, monitor industry trends and pinpoint suitable hashtags for use in new posts to get your brand in front of the right users.

Got a new product range or service available? Our creative campaigners can craft captivating posts that stand out from the crowd and have the ability to go viral. Aside from growing your followers and increasing brand awareness, it’s also important that your landing pages are optimised to convert from the moment Instagram users hit your website. We’ll work with you to ensure your calls-to-action are clear and pages are easy to navigate prior to launching any specific Instagram campaign.

Unity’s social media strategists have worked with many growing businesses across East Anglia and beyond to visually enhance their brands on Instagram. Could yours be next? Call us today on 01473 350485 to arrange a free initial consultation with our team.

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