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Social content and engagement that reaches out to your target audience and speaks to their needs and challenges.

The importance of utilising the right social channels for your small business


Are you a growing SME that lacks the time to spend monitoring your social media accounts daily? At Unity Online, our social experts can ensure your business chooses the right social media channels for your brand, depending on where your target audience is most active. We take the time to understand the types of social content your audience likes best to create engaging, shareable social posts that solve problems and add value to prospective and existing customers.

Another growing facet of social media management is the provision of social customer service. In today’s 24/7 world, consumers seek speed resolutions to their problems and it’s increasingly important for businesses to be visible on social channels to provide a prompt and professional response to customers. By utilising social media to deliver great customer service, it’s possible to turn complaints and frustrations into positive brand experiences for your customers.

Create consistent social media schedules


Once our social media gurus have ascertained the best social channels for your brand, we can then work with you to create schedules for social content to be shared. A comprehensive social schedule that plans weeks, sometimes months, in advance can help keep your customers engaged and grow your social following on each channel. Ultimately, it’s about converting followers into leads for your business.

Our team can advise on the most effective types of content for each social platform. We offer dedicated social marketing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Each of these platforms require different types of social content to resonate with users. Whether it’s image-focused content to promote your visual-led products or thought-leadership articles for B2B brands targeting businesses in other sectors, we know what generates the best ROI on social.

Unity’s social media gurus have helped many growing businesses drive consumer engagement and sales at every touchpoint of their social media channels. Could your brand be next? Arrange a free initial consultation with our team today by calling 01473 350485 or emailing us via our online contact form.

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