Content Marketing and Social Media: A Dynamic Duo for UK Businesses

25 March 2024

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At Unity Online, we understand the importance of a coherent and cost-effective approach to content marketing and social media. These two disciplines are essential to ensuring your brand not only stays relevant but thrives in the competitive digital landscape.

Creating eye-catching content is all well and good, and can help to create that ‘viral’ impact many businesses strive for, but this is short-term thinking. It’s imperative to understand and nurture your online audience across multi-channel platforms to create content that resonates, so in the long-term you foster customer loyalty. From Facebook and X to Instagram and LinkedIn, we leverage your digital community to drive leads and sales, creating a ripple effect designed to grow your customer base.

To get started, get to know your customers. Tailor messages that ooze brand personality, but most importantly that address customer pain points. This will help to build trust and credibility, which in turn should create sustainable revenue. Knowing ‘what,’ ‘where,’ and ‘when’ to publish content is essential. Developing customer personas give you a great foundation in beginning to understand your target audience’s pressure points; whereas an editorial plan, informing seasonal themes and topics that your customers search for online, allows you to write persuasive, sales-focused content that generates leads and revenue.

To maintain a unified marketing message, an omni-channel content strategy is crucial – clearly defining what content types resonate best with your target customers across your social media platforms, website and external sites. Its recommended that social media campaigns are aligned with your content calendar, driving traffic to blogs and other website information. Cross-channel pollination optimises the benefit of various content types, making it easy to digest across every platform.

Our Head of Social and Email, Kate Jaggers commented: “Content creation and social media is not just about visibility, but about building long lasting relationships. Truly understanding your audience, nurturing them across various social platforms and delivering rich and valuable content is vital for brands who are looking for success in the competitive digital space.”

Outreach campaigns are also incredibly effective at spreading the word of your brand. Targeting online publications and websites where your potential customers gather, providing these sites with authoritative and engaging content that positions your brand as a thought leader, helps to broaden your business’s exposure and appeal.

Building relationships with social media influencers is another powerful tool to build trust and credibility. Whether through product reviews or interviews with industry bloggers, influencer marketing taps into an audience fully engaged with your target market. Before you go full steam ahead on any influencer marketing, it is important that you assess the suitability of influencer marketing for your business, managing relationships to optimise your channels effectively.

Before launching any campaign, its recommended that a comprehensive audit of your existing social profiles is conducted. This gives you a baseline assessment, providing you with the information needed to optimise your channels for a stellar first impression. Managing your social community is not just about creating content; it involves timely responses and tracking trending conversations. Using the latest monitoring tools allows you to keep your fingers on the pulse of your social community to engage customers and lead the conversation.

The marriage of content marketing and social media, when approached strategically, can be a game-changer for UK businesses. With bespoke content marketing campaigns aligned with brands’ aspirations and budgets, Unity works as an extension of your business’s marketing efforts to unleash your potential and facilitate online growth.

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