Asda Discovers the Importance of Cross Device Digital Advertising

27 January 2018

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Did you catch some of the most recent Asda adverts? And if so did you see them across more than one of your devices?

Well that was Asda’s aim their recent campaign focused on cross-device advertising. With the emergence of more and more devices entering our home environment and the increasing use of concepts such as the second screen.

Traditionally Asda would work solely in print or television advertising, however their use of cross device digital advertising has certainly paid dividends for them with people who saw the advert across three devices 59% more likely to visit a store compared to those who saw one advert

Unity Media Analysis:

This goes to prove that the marketing and advertising world is being required to adjust to our ever increasing digital lives. While in the past the vast majority of households would own only a TV and so for big brands like Asda, television advertising would be highly effective.

However now the vast majority of households will contain an array of PC’s, tablets and smartphones, and so companies are needing to adjust to the digital lifestyle we are all now a part of.

Unity Media can provide a similar marketing strategy known as remarketing adverts which target people who have already visited your website before and will retarget them with eye grabbing adverts across the internet.

Source: Marketing Magazine

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