5 Signs That PPC and SEO Are Made for Each Other

7 December 2015

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It is common for internet businesses to approach PPC and SEO campaigns as two entirely separate endeavours. The truth is that, whilst they are distinct in lots of ways, they can also be viewed as two sides of one very important coin. As far as successful search strategies go, PPC and SEO are like salt and pepper – completely different, but still wonderfully effective when paired together.
This guide to the top five signs that PPC and SEO are made for one another will help you learn how to create truly excellent digital search strategies.

Website Search Tools Can Locate Keywords

The primary objective of PPC campaigns is to determine which keywords and phrases searchers are associating with your products and services. If you are tracking site searches in Google Analytics, you will quickly find that they pick up the most commonly used words in seconds. When you bid on these keywords via adwords the results should give you some valuable insight (via Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate) into which keywords you need to be focusing your efforts on.

E-Commerce Channels Link Up With AdWords

It is also worth keeping an eye on the latest developments at Google. The search giant has always been, and continues to be, right at the forefront of e-commerce innovations. For example, Google continues to refine its shopping channel. These PPC advertisements contain images of the product, alongside customer feedback and other pertinent information. If clicked, they take users straight to the linked product page and the chance to shop and checkout.

You Can Use PPC Ads to Create SEO Copy

It is useful to remember that if something is effective on PPC terms, it is likely to be similarly successful for SEO based copy. So, if you work out which of your PPC ads leads to the largest number of conversions, you can use them as a guide for writing things like meta descriptions, tags, and main body content. The obvious advantage of using PPC ads as a test run of sorts for SEO copy is the fact that outcomes are generated quickly.

Counter Negative Feedback with PPC and SEO

One of the less obvious benefits of pairing PPC strategies with SEO techniques is the ability to counter unwanted feedback. From time to time, customers will express negative feelings and opinions about your business. This is pretty much inevitable, in fact, because even the most customer friendly companies in the world cannot please everybody. To give yourself a fighting chance in the face of poor reviews, take control of the PPC and SEO results for the most frequently used terms (as you would for positive feedback). So, for instance, after the Gulf oil disaster, BP invested in PPC ads connected to the term ‘oil spill.’ These ads then linked back to a BP controlled page containing its take on events.

Combined Campaigns Boost Social Media Identity

The influence and scope of social media is never static. It is always shifting and transforming, so it is important for modern businesses to keep up with developments. In recent years, the growth of highly targeted marketing channels has defined these developments. Now, platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube offer carefully crafted adverts designed for extremely specific audiences. In other words, if you want to speak only to 19 year olds from London, with a penchant for gardening and independent cinema, you can now make it happen.

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