Q&A Employee Spotlight – Emily Collier

9 February 2021

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This week, our Q&A Employee Spotlight is on Emily Collier who joined us in September as a Website Developer.

What does your role involve at Unity?

At the moment my role includes building out sites, content loading and carrying out development tasks for sites that are already live. I hope that as my experience grows I will get to be more involved in making sites live and more complex API integrations.

What experience did you bring to Unity?

I previously worked as a graphic designer for about 3 years. My roles have always leant towards digital over print and from there I started gaining an interest in coding. After being made redundant from my graphic design role I took on a designer/developer role but found myself spending 90% of my time coding so decided to make the jump to full time developer!

Tell us about your average day at Unity 

On an average day I tend to be building out the theme for a new website, making sure its spot on to the designs and trying to make it as user friendly as possible. This involves testing each element to make sure nothing can be easily broken. I might also be adding content to the backend, or carrying out a QA on another site that has been completed.

Who would be your dream client and why?

I think a website for a company like Kremes would be fun to build and I would get to look at nice food all day which is a bonus. 

What are your hopes for our industry? 

I hope that technology continues to grow and become more and more powerful. There’s always something new to learn with coding which is part of the reason I enjoy it so hopefully this carries on! 

Any random facts you could share with us? 

I have a pet pygmy hedgehog called Hobnob – she’s the cutest! 

Describe what you were like at age 10

A huge tomboy who played football nonstop, or any other sport for that matter – I think my dad wanted boys 

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

I think Id go for pizza as you can add almost any topping and it’s still great, breakfast pizza, lunch pizza and dinner pizzas could all be very different! 

What is the first concert you attended? 

Steps in Hyde Park when I was about 6. 

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? 

A VW campervan, its always been my dream to own one. 

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