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WooCommerce Web Design & Development

WooCommerce integrates seamlessly into any existing WordPress website, providing the ultimate e-commerce platform that accurately reflects your brand.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the number-one e-commerce plugin for websites built using the WordPress platform. Think of it as an affordable halfway house between having a dedicated e-commerce website or a simple WordPress website. If your small business requires a platform that allows customers to browse products and purchase them easily at check-out, whilst making it easy for you to take payments and manage stock levels, WooCommerce can help you navigate the minefield of selling online.

At Unity Online, we understand that e-commerce is a complicated business. It requires businesses to be dynamic and flexible and small retailers need a platform that helps them achieve this. WooCommerce makes it easy to categorise products and services by price, availability, discounts and much more. Furthermore, the WooCommerce analytics module helps business owners monitor sales, average orders and other statistics that can inform key business decisions.

A feature-laden platform that makes running an e-commerce business easier for businesses

A WooCommerce-powered website gives your e-commerce platform all of the typical features that consumers come to depend on from their online retailers. From pre-installed payment gateways for all types of payment methods and bespoke check-out processes, through to delivery and cart calculations and integrated product reviews, with WooCommerce you can arm your customers with everything they need to make a straightforward purchase.

In the competitive world of online retail, delivering a slick brand experience is paramount to attract and maintain your customer base. Our skilled web designers and developers work hard to get under the skin of your business to build an e-commerce platform that consistently converts. The open-source flexibility of WooCommerce also allows our developers to create bespoke plugins to meet the specific needs of your business and its customers.

Revolutionise your company’s online sales figures with a new WooCommerce website, designed and built by Unity’s qualified experts. Arrange a free initial consultation with our team today by calling 01473 350485 or email us via our online contact form.

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