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Boost the top-line growth of your small business with the flexible Magento e-commerce platform, capable of delivering unique and profitable brand experiences online.

Why Magento?

Today, a quarter of all successful e-commerce businesses choose Magento’s e-commerce platform to boost sales and provide a consistent cross-platform customer experience. This open-source software allows our experienced web designers and developers to collaborate on responsive, scalable retail sites tailor-made to generate a return on investment for businesses. With an extensive library of applications and features to choose from, a Magento e-commerce website is anything but templated.

At Unity Online, we also assist small businesses with existing e-commerce sites in the migration over to the Magento platform, allowing clients to maintain complete control over their inventory and stock throughout. Ultimately, thousands of businesses worldwide depend on Magento to help get their products to market quickly and utilise the platform’s unrivalled functionality to grow their profits.

The best possible foundation to grow your e-commerce business

The behaviour of the modern-day consumer is changing every day. businesses looking to remain profitable online require a platform that helps them stay ahead of the curve when it comes to buying patterns. A Magento e-commerce website is the ideal starting point for any small business looking to take their e-commerce seriously. With responsive designs ensuring perfect brand experiences on any device and integration with leading payment providers such as PayPal, your customers can access your products and services online whilst benefitting from familiar, secure transaction processes.

Not only can Magento help to grow direct sales through your website, it can also assist with organic visibility in search engines with advanced in-built SEO functionality. Magento also makes it easy for business owners themselves to get involved with customising their offerings, thanks to an intuitive page editor. Furthermore, you can cross-sell and upsell additional products to increase long-term profitability.

Take complete control of your online sales with a brand-new Magento website, designed and built by Unity’s digital professionals. For a free initial consultation on the possibilities for your brand with Magento, call us today on 01473 350485 or use our online contact form.

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