A day in the life of a Social & Email Marketing Manager

7 July 2022

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Can you describe a typical day on the job?

As cliché as it sounds, no, there isn’t a typical day on the job. With a diverse portfolio of clients across both Email Marketing and Organic Social Media, no day is the same. Each day starts the same with a Marketing Services Team Stand up. This allows every member of the department to discuss their daily priorities and share any good news from the previous day. I then dive straight into Daily Workflow – this process allows streamlined and efficient working, as each member of the team knows exactly what they’re doing on any given day. I could be writing an Organic Social Media post for a luxury kitchen brand or designing an Email Marketing campaign for an electrical wholesaler, every single day is different and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why did you choose Digital Marketing as your career? Who or what inspired you?

I almost fell into Marketing. Seeking a career that allowed me to use and truly engage my brain with every task and always being creative, Marketing was the perfect fit for me.

What would you say are three key personality aspects or skills that make for a good Social & Email Marketing Manager?

Creativity – coming up with exciting and engaging ways to create content and represent a brand.

Flexibility – as an ever changing environment, digital is a fast-moving space that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Determination – to achieve the best results for your clients you need to be focused and tenacious.

What have you learned about yourself through the work that you do?

The main thing that I’ve learnt about myself is that I’m extremely determined. Entering the business as a Marketing Executive, I worked very hard to reshape elements of the Content Department in order to align it with the rest of the company. From spending hours exploring the capabilities of Data Studio to analysing complex data in order to improve campaign production, I never gave up.

What’s been your best moments while doing your work?

Being able to use my creativity in a way that supports our clients and furthers their business.

How do you keep going when things get challenging?

With such a supportive Leadership team, if things become challenging there are always people on hand to help. Even if you need support with smallest of details, the Leadership team are the best problem-solvers you could possibly need.

What advice would you give to young people considering pursuing a career in this industry?

Put yourself out there. Create a LinkedIn profile and start networking with people in the industry. Read, read and read some more. Get under the skin of Digital Marketing and absorb all the information you possibly can about the sector.

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