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For any growing small business, localised custom is their bread and butter revenue. Our local SEO services increase the visibility of our clients to prospects on their doorstep.

Suffolk’s leading local SEO agency

At Unity Online, our Suffolk-based search engine marketing professionals know the respective landscapes on Google and Bing like the back of their hands. They’ve been working in SEO for more than a decade, helping businesses like you to improve their online presence within a localised radius of prospects and customers. Local SEO can drive significant ROI for small businesses that depend on customers from the same town or area for much of their revenue.

First and foremost, our local SEO experts work to ensure our clients’ websites accurately represent their local profile and the areas they serve. We conduct thorough website audits of on-site content and metadata to ensure our clients reference the areas in which they serve. We also ensure our clients are visible within the leading online directories for their respective industries and regions, helping them to feature more in localised searches.

Profitable techniques to increase the local relevance of businesses online

Google should always be the first port of call for any SME looking to grow their local presence in search engines. The free Google My Business tool allows our SEO team to quickly improve clients’ visibility on Google+, Google Maps and much more on the world’s number-one search engine. But there is so much more to local SEO than meets the eye.

It’s just as important that local people are talking about your business online as they do offline. From local link building, where we encourage local businesses, organisations and influencers to talk about their brand, through to localised online PR that promotes the stories about our clients that matter most to local media and industry publications.

Arrange a free initial consultation with Unity’s local search strategists to understand the methods our experts use to get growing businesses like yours in front of more local customers online. Call us today on 01473 350485 or email via our online contact form.

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