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West Suffolk College is a campus located in the heart of Bury St Edmunds, with ambitious targets to become a leading college for vocational and academic courses. It is a partner College for the University of Suffolk in Ipswich and currently offers over 40 foundation and honours degrees, striving to develop the skills of young people in the county, increasing their employability in the process.


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Our role in West Suffolk College’s 2021 Clearing Campaign

Unity Online has worked closely with West Suffolk College in the past and was approached in the summer of 2020 to assist with the college’s 2021 Clearing campaign for course applications. The impact of COVID-19 saw the number of undergraduate and foundation degree applications decline massively, with students seemingly putting their long-term futures on hold during the pandemic.

Our objective was to increase the reach of West Suffolk College’s clearing campaign for 2021, reaching out to local students in Suffolk and Norfolk that may not have previously considered studying for their degree at West Suffolk College. Through clearly defined Facebook Ad targeting, we were able to help the college maximise their clearing leads, intriguing current local Year 13 students and re-engaging former Year 13 students interested in higher education.

Maximined leads for the college’s 2021 Clearing campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic created a new window of opportunity for the college to attract local students that may have previously set their hearts on studying further afield. Utilising Facebook Ads’ new audience targeting and retargeting tools, our PPC consultants reached out to current and former Year 13 students, parents and other 17 and 18-year-olds in the local area to previously register an interest in studying for a degree at West Suffolk College.

Cost-effective cost per lead across Facebook

Having generated 374 leads for prospective 2021 Clearing applications at West Suffolk College, our PPC consultants were also able to ensure the cost per lead was at an acceptable level, paying £6.39 on average for every lead generated from Facebook. A range of campaign types were utilised, including Facebook lead ads, which pre-populate a user’s contact details making it easier than ever for them to register their interest.

Expanded reach of the college’s undergraduate course offering

By focusing heavily on local Year 13 students, young people aged 18 to 25, former West Suffolk College Year 13 students, as well as those interested in UCAS and degrees on Facebook, we were able to spread the message of studying for undergraduate and foundation degrees at West Suffolk College to over 360,000 people.

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