A new B2C brand from Powerclean Chemicals Limited, Molecular draws on more than 40 years of experience to deliver high quality cleaning chemicals for car care and commercial and industrial cleaning. From humble beginnings brewing the first batch of Traffic Film Remover (TFR) in the garden shed, Stephen Coulter has developed Powerclean into a leading supplier of white label cleaning products. Now, car detailers and enthusiasts can enjoy the same great formulations thanks to the Molecular online store.


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Our role in polishing Molecular’s online presence

A fresh brand needs a fresh website, so Molecular approached us to build a one-stop shop for their products. Their tried and tested cleaning chemicals are now available to consumers in ultra-modern Molecular packaging and the team were after a website that matched this new aesthetic.

Taking inspiration from their bottle designs, we created a polished, easy-to-navigate online store that showcases their full range, with a look that appeals to car enthusiasts and professionals alike. The result is a shop where customers can easily pick up the products they need, direct from a market-leading supplier.

Building the new brand

Molecular has its origins in Powerclean’s white label formulations, but as a relatively new name, it isn’t yet widely recognised by the end-user. The website has an important role to play in building its reputation, which is why we included an in-depth page detailing the Molecular story. This gives customers an insight into the brand’s heritage, so they know they are buying a high-end product formulated by specialists.

Boosting basket value

Molecular wanted to increase the basket value of online transactions, so we made sure the new website showcased relevant cross-sells and upsells. Bestsellers and popular product categories are highlighted on the homepage for quick conversions, while the navigation reflects the way that Molecular’s customers shop for products. High quality product imagery and videos also help to encourage sales.

Sharing customer stories

Building a new brand also means building a new fan base. With this in mind, we included elements that will make it easy to connect with a growing community of customers, like a space for user-generated content from social media on the homepage. Customer reviews are also featured to build trust in the brand.

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