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Reach out to more customers, join in with relevant conversations and provide exceptional online customer service with a measured Facebook Marketing strategy.

Why use Facebook?

Facebook has helped to revolutionise the world of digital marketing. It’s created social communities for small businesses to tap into that they never had before. It is said that there are over 35 million people active on Facebook in the UK. That’s a considerable pool of potential customers to target. That’s where we come in. Our social media strategists can work with you to develop Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns that pinpoint niche audiences and demographics that will be most interested and engaged in your products or services.

Everything about Facebook advertising is entirely measurable and scalable. As your small business grows, so too can your Facebook advertising spend. Highly-targeted advertising campaigns that reach out to Facebook users with likes and interests relevant to your business will help attract the right customers and traffic to your website. It’s all geared towards improving your lead-to-sale conversion rate.

Building brand loyalty and exposure for businesses

The proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices has made businesses more accessible to prospects and customers than ever before. Social media platforms are now a great place for small businesses to improve their levels of customer service, providing timely, helpful responses to online enquiries. You can even resolve complaints with the utmost transparency, turning potentially negative brand experiences into positive ones and inspire confidence in other consumers that read your conversations.

It’s not easy for time-starved small business owners to keep up on social media. Our in-house Facebook marketers can take on the mantle and manage your Facebook accounts as if they were our own. Start generating exposure for your local, regional or nationwide business on Facebook today and benefit from repeat business on social media.

Unity’s social media strategists have worked with many growing businesses across East Anglia and beyond to enhance their brands on Facebook. Could yours be next? Call us today on 01473 350485 to arrange a free initial consultation with our team.

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