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Email Marketing that delivers beyond the inbox

Compelling email marketing campaigns for growing brands that generate high open rates and profitable click through rates to our clients.

Experts in compliant email campaigns that generate new sales channels for businesses


If you’re a growing small business that’s previously managed its own email marketing, you’ll need to be aware of the impact that the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have on your marketing practices. At Unity Online, we can work with you to maintain GDPR-compliant email databases and achieve consumer consent to distribute your brand’s compelling marketing messages.

Alongside the strategy of nurturing database contacts into fully-fledged customers, our in-house email marketers can design and build emails that capture the immediate attention of your recipients and encourage them to complete the goals of your email campaign using clear and emotive calls-to-action that each user can relate to. The team is well-versed in A/B testing to refine email messaging and maximise ROI for each campaign.

One of the most tangible forms of digital marketing available


For growing businesses looking for a new marketing angle to explore, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to the modern-day consumer. It’s extremely convenient, allowing recipients to access emails on multiple devices, wherever they are. Furthermore, a personalised marketing message that speaks to consumers on a one-to-one level can help build a sense of brand advocacy that few other marketing methods can rival. Even businesses with limited budgets can get more for their marketing spend with highly-targeted email campaigns that cost pennies to reach and engage their audience.

Developing a successful email marketing campaign takes time and creativity. However, once a campaign has been sent, the results are almost instantaneous, allowing our team to report back quickly to clients using jargon-free language. No matter how successful each campaign is, we use the results to learn from them and improve for future campaigns.

Unity’s email markets are well-versed in designing and executing profitable email campaigns for growing businesses. Arrange a free initial consultation with our team to discuss your requirements by calling 01473 350485 or emailing us via our online contact form.

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